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InsulRight Spray Foam is Pittsburgh’s number one resource for ultra energy-efficient spray foam insulation.

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Thermal and Acoustical Coatings


Spray Foam Insulation and K-13 are the optimal solutions for your commercial and industrial needs. Spray Foam provides air, moisture, and thermal performance that will last a lifetime. K-13 can also be used to meet thermal requirements while the greatest benefit comes from its acoustical functions and noise reduction properties.

InsulRight is Pittsburgh's Leading Spray Foam Insulation Specialist for Commercial and Residential

K-13 Thermal & Acoustical Finish


Thermal Control

The K-13 system begins with specially prepared cellulose fibers combined with natural fire retardants in a strict, quality-controlled manufacturing process to produce a Class A, Class 1 rated material. K-13 is then spray-applied by an international network of professional contractors licensed by ICC to ensure consistent and predictable results. During application, the K-13 fibers combine with a patented water-based adhesive resulting in a durable, exposed finish.

Acoustical Control

With a mechanically supported system, K-13 High-R decreases the risk for fall-out found with typical high-build installations and efficiently meets higher R-Value requirements for your project.

The K-13 High-R System begins with installing stickpins to the substrate and applying the first layer of K-13 up to 5″ thick. This first layer of insulation is secured in place using StructaLath III, a unique welded lath wiring. The second layer of K-13 is then applied to meet project specifications for R-Value and color.